Services and Solutions we offer

Some benefits of subscribing to our logistics services includes a seamless, lower transport costs, much faster turnaround times on customer orders and easier, faster, more accurate inventory management with secure transactions.


Starlight Freights Logistics sea freight services are well suited for heavy items or more bulk cargo through the port of Mombasa. We’ll ensure you’re able to track your delivery at any point, for added peace of mind.


Starlight Freights Logistics offers the best option when fast, secure delivery is essential. This may be a good option if you need to deliver items that are perishable, fragile or otherwise time-sensitive, or as well as if you have an urgent deadline to meet.

This is also an ideal option if you need to make a quick bulk international shipment or want to ship any item within east Africa and overseas. We deliver heavier, declarable items from your door to the airport terminal.


Starlight offers warehousing and distribution through cost-effective inventory storage solution services in East Africa in well accessible, more secure, well managed and clean environments. For the businesses that are involved in imports and exports.

With our full suite of logistics and facilities that are easily accessible around the East Africa, you can use   our courier services can be of benefit to your business to save cost and resources for your growth and convenience.


Our ground Logistics offers road freight services throughout The East Africa through the inland container depots at Embakasi (ICDE) and the main sea port in Mombasa. The goods you need delivered, will seamlessly arrive at the right place, at the right time and in good order.

Ground freight is the most common form of goods transportation worldwide because it’s efficient, effective and less expensive than air mode, especially for heavy items or bulk shipments. Due to this fact, at Starlight we use our in-depth knowledge and extensive network to determine the most convenient, most cost-effective, timely and reliable routes for transporting freight by road in East Africa.